Delivery of first version of WOC products

End of June 2021, after one year  and the development of innovative algorithms and methods to generate ocean currents dedicated to our engaged users in the 4 domains of applications( Clean sea, Sustainable Fisheries, Safe Navigation and Productivie Ocean), the WOC partners are happy to announce the delivery of the first version of the WOC products

They consist in both upper layer ocean currents vectors and user oriented added-value products. In the project phase 2, 10 years of products will be delivered and assess by the WOC users.

  • Safe navigation (agulhas) :  Total surface 2D current  and cross-seas and dangerous seas indexes 
  • Sustainable fisheries (north atlantic): 3D current and upwelling indexes and oceanic fronts
  • Clean sea (artic & tropics): Total surface 2D currents and lagrangian advection