The WOC project main objective is to enhance the understanding, the monitoring and the phasing forecast of upper ocean currents, with a particular focus on the most intense ocean small-scale structures.

Considering that:

  • Synergetic use of satellite, in-situ and model data through combination methods partially improve the effective spatial and temporal resolution of the products, but may not solve all the limitations encountered by the users
  • Human expertise, observation interpretation and knowledge of ocean processes, combined with efficient visualization tools are then essential to bring additional crucial information to application needs.
  • Success of the project will depend on a strong interaction with the Users

the specific objectives of WOC project are:

  • Test and implement innovative methods combining EO-datasets, in-isut and model data to generate and validate new  upper ocean current products
  • Better understand upper layer ocean circulation
  • Deeply involve the users from Navigation, Renewable Marine Energy, Pollution Monitoring and sustainable fisheries sectors.  

The four domains of applications defined by the project are :